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Global Regulators Agree - Haste Makes Waste on Financial Regulation

There's a popular saying that you should always look before you leap.  In the case of regulating the asset management industry, that's a lesson being learned right now.  

Reminder to HHS: Business Has Weighed In With ACA Small Group Expansion Concerns

Businesses have called on agency to "delay the expansion of the small group market definition as soon as possible." About 3.4 million workers and over 150,000 American businesses could be impacted.

House Skips Town, Spurns Small Businesses by Prolonging Ex-Im’s Death

"The loss of credit means that we may have to stop growing our international business entirely," one small business owner says.

Becoming the Boss: An Architect’s Move from Prada to Pet Stores

Our first episode in a new series celebrating first-time employers features Bridget Gaddis, who has made it her mission to help other small businesses succeed.

Getting the Facts Straight: Access to Medicines and the TPP

It's ironic that today's life-saving medicines often resemble modern miracles while the biopharmaceutical companies that create them draw the ire of activist groups. This drama is playing out again in the context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

McCain: Our National Security Depends on the Pentagon’s Access to Innovation

"The Defense Department has grown larger but less capable, more complex but less innovative," McCain says. Here's how to fix that.

An IRS Health Care Fine That’s 12 Times Bigger than the Employer Mandate Penalty

Employers could be fined $36,500 per worker for helping their employees with their health care costs.

Chamber Event in Maui Puts IP Chapter in TPP Spotlight as Negotiations Continue

All eyes are on Maui, Hawaii, this week as negotiators and trade ministers from the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries continue negotiations on the pending trade agreement.

How Congress Can Prevent Big Health Care Cost Increases for Small Business

According the Academy of Actuaries, 3.4 million workers in over 150,000 businesses could be affected.