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U.S. Chamber Blog

Hobbled: Emily’s Health Care Frustrations Grow

After her health insurance policy was canceled in 2013 as a result of not meeting the new Obamacare standards, Emily had to scramble to buy a new policy.

Feds Should Relax. States Are Successfully Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing.

The Interior Department's new regulations will force energy developer to duplicate its efforts at both the state and federal level.

Chamber's Johnson: Border Security Enhanced with Legal Temporary Worker Programs

As the vocal debate over immigration and securing the border continues on Capitol Hill, it is important to move past the noise and stay focused on solutions.

Secretary Perez Keeps Mum about Details of New Fiduciary Rules for Investment Advisors

If the fiduciary rule covers too wide a scope, small savers will have access to fewer investment choices and advice.

Chamber's Donohue Targets the Truths Behind the Financial System

Donohue challenged regulators and Congress to put aside political rhetoric and focus on building a transparent and resilient financial regulatory system.

Ex-Im in the Real World: Get the Facts Straight

The Chamber sent a letter backing a bipartisan bill to reform and reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. Freedom Partners responded with an email commenting on the Chamber's letter and pushing its campaign to "end Ex-Im." However, this purported "fact check" runs afoul of the real world pretty quickly.

Here's One Way to Stop Net Neutrality: FCC Commissioner Asks Congress to Cut Funding to Enforce It

Using the power of the purse is one way Congress can reclaim its constitutional regulatory authority.

NLRB Will Hold Ambush Election Training at Labor Union Offices

Location, Location, Location. It's the name of the game in real estate and apparently in how the administration helps its labor union allies.