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More than 95% of consumers live outside the United States. Selling more U.S.-made goods and services around the world is crucial to American jobs and will help businesses small and large grow. Expanding trade also enhances the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers while boosting the buying power of American families.

Top Takeaways from the U.S. Chamber’s 2023 State of American Business Address

This year’s State of American Business speech sets out an 'Agenda for American Strength': an aspirational and forward-looking plan to set up the country and its business community for long-term success.

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IPEF and Biopharma Supply Chains: Facts, Goals, and Action

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As representatives of the U.S. and the 13 other nations gather for negotiations on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) in New Delhi in February, supply chain resilience will be one of the key issues on the agenda.

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How Southeast Asia's Digital Potential Is Rising and What It Means for American Business

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Southeast Asian countries are propelling themselves into becoming digital economy juggernauts. Here are three ways the U.S. government can help American businesses climb aboard for the ride.

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Around the globe, the U.S. Chamber advocates for free enterprise, competitive markets, and rules-based trade and investment as the path to economic opportunity and prosperity for all. We work every day to break down barriers to trade and investment, open new markets for American exports and investments, and make sure there's a level playing field for U.S. companies.

3 Global Economic Challenges That Require Multilateral Solutions

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Global economic challenges like COVID-19 vaccines, international tax, and climate change will require countries and the private sector to work together to find multilateral solutions.

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